2 January 2012  Yes, you're absolutely right, it's about time.  I could offer some excuses, but you're interested in results.  For tonight's update, go to the site's newest page, and look at the "stuff" for sale.  I added pictures and descriptions of the items we have to celebrate our reunion, along with instructions on buying.  I am handling all the sales, so please do not pester Jay for DVD's.  Remember, he shoots people for a living.  

                                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR !

19 August 2011   Tonight, let's talk about the Sat. night buffet dinner.  It will be catered by the Bass Water Grill from Cheshire, MA.  Cost will be $30 per person, and serving will start between 5:30 and 6:00.  The menu includes a choice of tossed green salad, antipasto salad, or a fresh fruit medley.  There is a choice of three entrees, beef, chicken, or fish, with fresh vegetable and potato, rice, or pasta plus rolls and butter.  Dessert is carrot cake with coffee and/or tea. 

For your enjoyment, the microphone will be on and open during dinner.  Speakers are invited to talk about anything pertinent, or just tell a story or two. 

15 August 2011  The web site is 3 months old already WOW ! 

A couple  things to talk about tonight - the tenative schedule of events, and the people you're coming to meet and greet.  Note that Ovi Puiu was just added to the list of those who will be coming.  He is the engineer from Motosacoche who designed the 460cc single cylinder Yankee motox engine.  Joe Bolger's single engine is on display in Jim's museum.  If only Ovi's bike could be here.  Maybe we can persuade him to talk a little about it.  Meantime, check out the new additions to the Latest picture gallery, and see what he did with the original prototype. 

Times may vary slightly, but not significantly: 
Friday, hang out, set up displays, do some early autograph collecting, relax and talk Yankee bull shoot. 
Saturday, about 10:00 the John Taylor interview, autographs, then lunch. 
               About 1:00, the 1972 ISDT Team interview, with Higgins, Vincent, and Eames and Paul Dean.....
                        Bob Hicks orchestrating.  Team photo with Charlie's original bike and a couple borrowed bikes.  Autographs. 
               Before dinner, a photo shoot with all the Yankee's that we can muster. 
               About 5:30 to 6:00 dinner, probably with more than a few speakers taking the microphone. 
               Time permitting, Steve Levi will do a seminar on the Yankee engine disassembly/assembly sometime, either earlier in the morning, or later in the afternoon. 
Sunday,  about 10:00, Steve Levi will do another seminar on the Yankee engine disassembly/assembly if there is interest. 
              I expect a lot of people will start heading home after Sunday lunch. 
A few of us are arriving Thursday night, a few of us are not leaving until Monday morning.
Luminaries expected - don't know where to start......
LOTS of people who worked for or with the Yankee factory: John Taylor, Frank Conner, Dick Mann (& Kay), Joe Bolger, Ovi Puiu, Paul Dean, Bob Hicks, Barry Higgins, Charlie Vincent, Dave Eames, Marcia McDonald, Ron Webster, Don Cutler, Dick Lague, Allen Jackson, Stev Levi.   You can bet I forgot lots of people. 
Plus VMX magazine, Trail Rider magazine, La Voz de SMOG, and on and on and on. 
And there will be other well known names like Bob Hogan, Ed Youngblood and Paul Danik. 

12 August 2011  A couple changes in the web site for tonight.  What was named the Picture-gallery is now the archives.  I added a Latest picture updates to the menu,and you should look at what's in there - none other than the 4 cylinder Yankee.  Yes, it will be at the reunion.  Needless to say, you will not get too many chances to see this bike up close and personal.  Make sure you attend this reunion.  Updates coming soon about the agenda and the Saturday night buffet dinner. 

 8 August 2011  For tonight's update, go to the picture gallery, and look at this gem.  I helped a little with a few parts and some advice, but Mike did all the work and busted his tail to finish his new Yankee for the reunion.  You WILL be impressed - I am. 

 6 August 2011   Added a couple links to the link page BUT the big news is that there will be official Yankee Reunion tee shirts, done by Metro Racing.  There will also be a poster for sale so you have something to collect all your autographs on.  If you paid attention to the last update, you saw the picture on the For Sale page of 10 Yankee's lined up.  Right now, there are only 2 places in the world where you can see more than 10 Yankee Z's.  We want to line up 50 bikes at this reunion.  Bring 'em up and be a part of what will likely never happen again. 

 3 August 2011   Still haven't found "your" Yankee Yet?  Are you ready to spend a little money?  Want a nice original example?  A restored bike?  Open the "For sale" page and check the update.  As a point of reference, a VERY nice one with 138 miles just sold on eBay for $7604.  In my opinion, that was maybe a little low.  You can also talk to me (YankeeBob).  I'm starting to sort thru some of my projects if you want the satisfaction of building our own.  And yes, you would be surprised how many parts are still available.  Mike Slate bought one, and it will be at the reunion, totally redone and lookin sweet.

 2 August 2011   For all you techies with a GPS, I added Jim Hoellerich's Museum coordinates on the directions page. 

                                          Stay tuned.  Announcements are going to be coming much more frequently now - we're still working on a few surprises.

 1 August 2011   BIG announcement.  VMX magazine will be here.  Yes, THE VMX magazine.  Editor Ken Smith is going to pay us a visit, and take lots of pictures.  Just one more reason why you cannot miss this event.  Even though the Yankee has already been featured in the magazine, (Ken does own one you know), we may just get a few paragraphs and a pic or two in a future issue. 

 19 July 2011   Some of you will remember Dick Lague.  Check the picture gallery, and then check out the links for his website. 

26 June 2011   The committee is still working, but I have a question for everyone reading this.  In order to better plan certain parts of the agenda, we would like to have an idea of how many people as well as how many Yankee's will be there.  Please send me a reply to this notice, and tell me either definitely or maybe you or you and your Yankee (s) will attend, and which days you'll be there.  Thanks to everyone in advance.  This will be a big help and much appreciated.  Some very important details are coming together.  Hopefully there will be some good announcements in the near future. 

12 June 2011   Yes, it's been awhile but have no fear, the committee is working slowly but surely.  Check out the links page for some celebrity news. 

21 May 2011   Just playing with the web  page.  Frustrating fun but I'm learning..............

20 May 2011   We have a commitment from Jay Duchin that there will be a video. 

                                      Notice that I added a few photos on the picture gallery page.  I guarantee that we will have an Ossa Yankee street bike at the reunion, because I'm bringing it.  

                                      Planning continues.  Ya'll have a great weekend. 

20 May 2011   There will be plenty of space for those who are interested in primitive camping.  There is also a large field for those who would like to bring a camper or motor home but there are NO hook up facilities.  

19 May 2011   John Taylor has confirmed that he will attend this reunion.   We are also working on expanding the hotel list.  DO NOT wait to reserve your room. 

                                       We will have people and bikes here that you may never have a chance to see again.  We want to do a video with interviews. 

                                      You better not miss it !

17 May 2011   There is now a list of hotels/motels on that page.

17 May 2011   Dick Mann and his wife Kay have confirmed that they will attend this reunion.  THANKS Alex !

17 May 2011   See us on Facebook.  Copy and paste this link:    <http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yankee-Motorcycles-500Z-Reunion-Page/173043439420354>

16 May 2011     This is the "grand opening" of the Yankee Reunion web site.  If you have any connection with the Yankee 500Z or the Yankee Motorcycle Company, or any interest in them, you need to attend this celebration of John Taylor's dream.   I am creating an email list, which I will use to update anyone with any interest.  If you were not notified of the event via email, be sure to sign up by contacting me.  

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